The Social Landscape

If we come to social media, everybody knows that this is a very saturated digital area.

In a world where almost every member of civilized locations on the Earth can be connected anywhere at any time, the importance of social media is inevitable. The rise of community platforms over the last decade have altered ways of communication between humans in many ways, resulting in a paradigm shift about how we interact with each other. However, it’s quite obvious that not all these platforms offer the accurate information both brands and users.

/photo Le21éme

There are brands and people who use every type of social media platforms, others just choose the one. The main problem is that choosing the solution that fits you the best is not as easy as it sounds. Fashion brands have to realize that organic reach is steadily declining and stop relying on short-term tactics that used to work. Instead, they need to start building strategies on sustainable platforms. Being more selective when it comes to the networks used, investing more in tracking consumer behaviour, as well as influencer strategies, are keys to digital marketing success.

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