No More Stock For Sneakerheads

The global sneaker market has officially become the value of wealth. Brands try to make as much strategy as they can, to keep on with an industry which rooted in speed.

Cool kids want cool sneakers: but the problem lies in when and where can you buy The Pair. Whether you stock or wear them the process became way more complicated then it should be.


Speed is the most important component of buying sneakers. It changed the relationship between consumers and brands both internally and external, from selling a product to events. You have to follow the rules of the unfair dealing. If you know the location where the actual sneaker release, wake up on time and have your money ready you still have to wait hours in line for the opportunity to have a chance for the item. There are plenty of solutions for online retailers too, but the chances still the same.


SneakerTracker wanted to create a mechanism which leads to buying a sneaker is as easy as tying it. Since buying a sneaker became way too complicated, be part of a solution which includes the big three: collection, community and loyalty, which is the core component of the Sneaker World.

SneakerTracker is a social media platform for the sneakers, the users, and all the important players of the sneakerhead scene. You’ll be able to be part of the global sneaker game in a way you’ve never experienced before! Upload your sneaker collection and track every day what you wear. Make it part of your daily routine – it’s up to you, if you want to have it private or public. Have access to up-to-date footwear intelligence, challenging sneaker missions, and follow you friends on the Global Sneaker Map. And true sneakerheads deserve treats! You can earn special rewards and unlock badges. Since consumer culture became increasingly fast-moving we wanted to make a platform where you can get every information about the topic – all of this in real time. You don’t have to accept the absurdity of the sneaker-system! We create a gate between sneakerheads and retailers, to have special and real insight about buying a sneaker in simple way.

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