How Lil Miquela Leads Companies To A New Marketing Solution

The existence of a social media influencer who is generated by a computer can be frightening for some people, even in 2018. But instead of making the though decision, that the presentation of Lil Miquela is actually ethical or not, rather discuss the problems it causes.

/ Lil Miquela at Prada SS18 show

To understand how technology changed the way we thinking about the people we have never even met in real life, we have to know some rules behind the scenes. Let’s see influencers just as a special type of modern celebrities. People have always had to believe in their Marie Antoinettes of their time (just think about Kim Kardashian as  an avantgarde type of the baroque queen) who they can identitify their if-I-were-rich self. For the access of the recognition they have to build an extremely strong persona for themselves. Is it because they are brands in their own right. In a world where technology is the part of everybody’s everyday routine people freely communicate their fictional characters through social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat etc. The main point is that no one knows the real-estate behind the characters, and the actual validitaition behind the information it communicates.

Miquela’s ars poetica consists of blurring the termination between real and unreal in life. If we are browsing her Instagram account we can see that she is standing next to real influencers. It defines the main question, that how can a fictional character who has 2 million followers be paid by the world’s most influential brands to sell their products what she is actually not wearing in real-life? Does this only include computer generated social media celebrities or actual influencers too? This leads us to a modern marketing phenomenon, that companies spend their money for influencer endorsements, and people pay for products which these unknown personas may don’t even wear in real life.

/ Lil Miquela for Highsnobiety Issue 16 Cover Story

Fashion brands have to realize that organic reach is steadily declining and stop relying on short-term tactics that used to work. Instead, they need to start building strategies on sustainable platforms. Being more selective when it comes to the networks used, investing more in tracking consumer behaviour, as well as influencer and advocacy strategies, are keys to digital marketing success.

„Fake news” and now fake influencers have eroded public’s trust in the mainstream media. Consumers are moving away from trusting institutions, vanity metrincs, and mega-influencer celebrities, and moving towards smaller and authentic real customer communities, which provide clear results, like StyleTracker.

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