Every fashion piece has a story

Fashion is hyped and it has never been this cool before!

Over 100 million pieces of clothing are being sold every year. Being stylish or owning a special item is no more just a need, especially not only for the people who work in the industry. In 2018, fashion is about culture, status and affiliation. People all over the world just want to share their wardrobe with people, and be part of a community filled with like-minded characters.

Photo via TheManRepeller

Have you ever felt like fashion just runs too fast, and you are not able to follow  it anymore? Now StyleTracker offers the opportunity to keep in touch with friends, influencers and brands, to follow how they present their style and keep track of the best outfits. It’s the ultimate smartphone application for today’s fashion enthusiasts. If you want to be part of the most innovative real-life fashion community join now on www.styletrkr.com and track your wardrobe every day!

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