Breaking New Grounds For Brands

Brands participating in the fashion industry invest both financial and human resources into gathering as much information about their customers as possible, with in-depth customer journey optimalization and buyer cycle tracking.

What they did not have access to before, however, is the actual post-sale information about product wearing. Sure, there are a lot of user-generated social media content, but those only tell a moment about the ’history’ of a given product. This staggering number of valuable data generated in the process of using products cannot remain unexplored.


The purpose of creating w-commerce is to shape the user experience, so to accommodate to the greatest extent possible the actual needs of the customers, by searching impactful technological solutions that answer to one of the most important unanswered questions of the fashion industry: When do the Customers wear what, how and why? And how can Brands keep track of what happens with their products after they are purchased?

Our Digital Footprint

Data analytics is not new to the Fashion industry. Yet, new sources of data are now available, such as mobile devices or social media platforms. Gathering and processing unstructured data remains one of the main challenges of the sector. These vast new sets of data can how analysed and produce isnight into local or global fashion trends.

Outsourced Vs. In-House Solutions

The largest multinational companies do not necessarily carry on researches in-house, often rahter recurring to external specialized companies who undergo very expensive large quantitative and qualitative studies. Acquired data is then stored in a databese and remains at the disposal of the company’s users (e.g., Product and Marketing Directors). Although, ongoing tracking studies may be undertaken, they are considerably pricey and the base cluster is hardly the same.

Buyer And Product Cycles

As offline product buying habits are being replaced by a digital-first discovery process combined with social searches, recommendations and trackable online presence, a lot of data is being created on a daily basis which can be examined to align marketing and supply chain operations accordingly.


We are offering various validated tools with which we can deliver unique data brands did not have access to before, even before industry-specific native applications has been developed. The project is upscaling in a fast pace, providing an entry point for brands and ultimately making the operations unique, simple and more efficient for the users and the partners.

To maximize the impact of our solution, existing user and customer databases of brands can be transferred to our platform, as well as providing incentive for regular usage. The service will also integrate booming tech solutions for more accurate tracking and evaluation data.

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