Elon Musk’s Mom Supports Sneaker Culture

Photo courtesy of hypebae.com

Maye Musk, billionaire Elon Musk’s famous mother was introduced to streetwear at age 70 by Hypebae, the female version of Hypebeast, an editorially driven commerce and news website focused on youth culture.


His oldest son is the founder of Paypal, Tesla Motors, Space X, and the Boring Company, but Maye is also keeping busy with her modeling and socialite career.
Although Elon decided to delete his Instagram in 2018, she boasts 240k followers and made #ItsGreatToBe71 and #JustGettingStarted a thing, utilizing the platform not only to show the glamorous side of being a grandmother, but to support up and coming businesses that make the world a better place.

SneakerTracker, a StyleTracker Studios project have recently payed homage to the 2018 feature and Maye expressed her support. We admire her spirit and work ethic, and are very excited about what corners of youth culture and technology will she introduce us to in the future!

Bellwether Culture Podcast – S01E01 with Jeff Staple

Fresh straight from New York! Our partners at Bellwether Culture launched the first season of their newly introduced podcast series! The first episode features Jeff Staple, one of the most influential personalities of U.S. street culture, who catalyzed what we now know to be sneaker culture. Make sure to listen to the conversation recorded at the Chelsea Music Hall via the embedded player below:

If you like the podcast, and want to stay in the know, then make sure to visit their website, follow Bellwether Culture on Instagram, and subscribe to the series on iTunes and Spotify! Your feedback is certainly appreciated.

About the project:

A Bellwether is someone who has effectively galvanised communities and pushed culture forward. This narrative style show tells the stories behind folks that have made a societal impact. Every conversation in this series is recorded in front of invite-only live audiences of Bellwethers, making it a first of its kind event series.

SneakerTracker Exclusive Earlybird Demo

SneakerTracker is going full naked!

As our app is around the corner, we decided to go all in with premiering what the platform has to offer for the community, and share a unique experience with all of you!

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To make the demo even more exciting, we are throwing in a goodie bag, which we will raffle amongst testers who leave us their feedback about the app!

Podcast: Jon Wexler of Adidas – Ahead of Movement

Listen to the latest podcast episode of Souler Stories, produced by MouthMedia Network, with Jon Wexler, Vice President of Global Entertainment & Influencer Marketing at adidas.


What does celebrities and the state of influencer marketing hold for the future of branding? This podcast is particularly important to us because the unique, product wearing-based data provided by SneakerTracker were mentioned in it! Stay tuned!


Key Brand Stats by 2018 SneakerTracker – Streetwear pt. II.

Check out the latest key brand stats of 2018 based on our wearing-based insights which were provided by SneakerTracker! Our key brand stats aim to give unique data to these brands, thanks to our w-commerce platform.

In the third part of our analysis we looked at streetwear brands and here’s what we found about Nike, adidas and Jordan:

Here’s who you wore them:

Key Brand Stats by 2018 SneakerTracker – Streetwear pt. I.

Check out the latest key brand stats of 2018 based on our wearing-based insights which were provided by SneakerTracker! Our key brand stats aim to give unique data to these brands, thanks to our w-commerce platform.

In the second part of our analysis we looked at streetwear brands and here’s what we found about Puma, Vans and Converse:

Here’s how you wore them last year:

Key Brand Stats 2018 by SneakerTracker – High Fashion Brands

Check out the latest key brand stats of 2018 based on our wearing-based insights which were provided by SneakerTracker! Our key brand stats aim to give unique data to these brands, thanks to our w-commerce platform. First we looked at the most-worn high fashion sneakers in Europe produced by Yeezy, Balenciaga and Gucci. Here’s what we found:


And here’s how you wore them last year:

Stay tuned for the next round of our series of key brand stats of the year by Puma, Vans and Converse!  Hashtag your brand-related Instagram shots with #sneakertracker for a chance to get featured!


Our favorite outfits from Paris Fashion Week Men’s 2019

Last week, Paris was filled with the world’s best menswear designers, and the reason is simple: the 5-day long Paris Fashion Week Men’s show took place with such names in the spotlight as OFF-WHITE, Acne Studios, Valentino, Louis Vuitton, Balmain or Hermés.

Among the biggest fashion brands  we saw some unique ones, such as Fumito Ganryu and White Mountaineering, however our favorite designer during the week was:


Greg Lauren’s New Americana collection blew our mind on Instagram, not to mention they played really well with the fact that it’s Paris Fashion Week, without even being present with a runway show at the location.

Now let’s see our editor’s pick from Paris Fashion Week from Day 1-5.


Heron Preston, OFF-WHITE, Fumito Ganryu


Acne Studios, Raf Simons, Valentino


Louis Vuitton, Rick Owens


Balmain, Commes des Garçons


Hermés, White Mountaineering

And finally, let’s see the what the guests wore at Paris Fashion Week:

London Fashion Week was a B.L.A.S.T

The London Fashion Week needs no introduction. The show takes place twice a year in London and is one of the biggest events in the global fashion industry. Although the runway shows are in the centre of the London Fashion Week, the designers and celebrities are always in the spotlight. The unique outfits and street styles popping up during the weekend are truly exceptional. Let’s see what our editors loved the most:  

Source: Sneakernews

Los Angeles based brand C2H4 revealed their first collaboration on the 2019 London Fashion week.
Their Air Force 1 is futuristic, and tech-heavy with the ‘Automatic Memory Loading System’ text and the reflective lining.

Source: Fashion Network

Converse appeared on the Chinese-born Londoner Feng Chen Wang’s show in a rather unique way.  We’d love to see more comebacks from iconic brands.

Source: Metro

90’s cartoons are making a hardcore comeback this year. British designer Bobby Abley jumped on the wave and created his whole line around Pokemon this year, although he has a past with Teletubby and Power Rangers.
Pokeball ponchos and backpacks, Pokemon characters as prints and even a life-sized Pikachu appeared on the runway.


Source: Metro

And let’s see the favorite one’s of the StyleTracker team:


Favorite street style


Favorite designer – Neil Barrett

Source: Wallpaper

Favorite street style outfit

PMC Footwear News

Favorite new brand – STAFFONLY

Source: Forbes


Breaking New Grounds For Brands

Brands participating in the fashion industry invest both financial and human resources into gathering as much information about their customers as possible, with in-depth customer journey optimalization and buyer cycle tracking.

What they did not have access to before, however, is the actual post-sale information about product wearing. Sure, there are a lot of user-generated social media content, but those only tell a moment about the ’history’ of a given product. This staggering number of valuable data generated in the process of using products cannot remain unexplored.

/Photo www.vetementswebsite.com

The purpose of creating w-commerce is to shape the user experience, so to accommodate to the greatest extent possible the actual needs of the customers, by searching impactful technological solutions that answer to one of the most important unanswered questions of the fashion industry: When do the Customers wear what, how and why? And how can Brands keep track of what happens with their products after they are purchased?

Our Digital Footprint

Data analytics is not new to the Fashion industry. Yet, new sources of data are now available, such as mobile devices or social media platforms. Gathering and processing unstructured data remains one of the main challenges of the sector. These vast new sets of data can how analysed and produce isnight into local or global fashion trends.

Outsourced Vs. In-House Solutions

The largest multinational companies do not necessarily carry on researches in-house, often rahter recurring to external specialized companies who undergo very expensive large quantitative and qualitative studies. Acquired data is then stored in a databese and remains at the disposal of the company’s users (e.g., Product and Marketing Directors). Although, ongoing tracking studies may be undertaken, they are considerably pricey and the base cluster is hardly the same.

Buyer And Product Cycles

As offline product buying habits are being replaced by a digital-first discovery process combined with social searches, recommendations and trackable online presence, a lot of data is being created on a daily basis which can be examined to align marketing and supply chain operations accordingly.

/Photo www.le21eme.com

We are offering various validated tools with which we can deliver unique data brands did not have access to before, even before industry-specific native applications has been developed. The project is upscaling in a fast pace, providing an entry point for brands and ultimately making the operations unique, simple and more efficient for the users and the partners.

To maximize the impact of our solution, existing user and customer databases of brands can be transferred to our platform, as well as providing incentive for regular usage. The service will also integrate booming tech solutions for more accurate tracking and evaluation data.

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